defence of folder scanners

file of bases.cav it is possible to move and rename. it not in the safe mode, and in ordinary. so must it be?

CIS allows the user to do everything he wants; be it sensible, foolish or destructive.

However unknown applications are not allowed to do this. Try to delete bases.cav with a batch file and CIS won’t allow it.

but can moving be caused by a harmful file?

No it cannot. If you find an untrusted file that can do this please let us know.

Thanks for the answer. Why addition of a new rule in defense for a folder scanners doesn’t help? Even then change of files (bases is possible. cav).

You didn’t read. You can do whatever you want to the files.
But a program or application (or virus) will be prevented from doing so.

With CIS the user can do anything he wants but unknown programs cannot.