Defence+ not functioning Properly

Hi, i’ve just logged in and COMODO is telling me “Defence+ is not functioning Properly”

I clicked “Fix It” it couldn’t fix it and then produced a report. I’ve attached report.

I’ve tried updating but it’s up to date

Thanks for any help.

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	<Software Name="avast! Internet Security"/>
	<Software Name="avast! Free Antivirus"/>
	<Software Name="Outpost Network Security Pro"/>
	<Software Name="Outpost Antivirus Pro"/>
	<Software Name="Outpost Firewall"/>

Please uninstall any incompatible software.

An antivirus is currently installed on this computer. Two or more antiviruses installed together can conflict with each other.
A firewall is currently installed on this computer. Two or more firewalls installed together can conflict with each other.</blockquote>

Thank you.

I restarted the PC and after logging in again it was fine. i’ve since shut the PC now and logged in again and it’s still fine.

I’ve had avast and COMODO working side by side for 3 years without any problems, is it really a good idea to uninstall one of them?

I was recommended to use both when i last had a virus problem

If you did not experience this issue before then you could try to re-install using this guide.
However, if it happened only once then I cannot see a serious issue.

If you do experience this issue again please come back and we will investigate it. No worries. :wink:

Thank you.

I might try a re-install then.

Cheers for your help :slight_smile: