Defence + is Learning

Have just today upgraded to the new version 3

Been using same for about 3 hours and I feel it has a better security than the Version 2
Is there a simple way to manage to alleviate the showing of the = Defence + is Learning = [within the Comodo Version 3 program]?
I seem to have the programs I use showing the repetitive popups galore in [1] during startup [for example the AVG Free ] [2] and also when reopening any programs I have opened before.

Comments please

If the short question is “How do I get rid of the balloon popups” then change the following configuration setting:

  • “Miscellaneous” panel.
  • General tab.
  • Uncheck the “Show the balloon messages” option.

It is ridiculous that the UI design has the balloon popups overlay the alert popups which makes getting to the buttons in the alert window impossible until you drag the alert window elsewhere. Plus the balloons don’t seem to be of much interest [to me].

I agree that the popups are annoying, but I have a question. Does it ever stop learning the same programs over and over? I’ve had v3 installed for 2 days and had to do multiple restarts to get this thing setup correctly and it seems to be learning the same things on every startup.

This is a default setting issue.
I think we should have the balloon display off as a default…

do you agree?


I don’t like the idea of the balloon pop-ups staying on top of other windows either. I’m not sure though if this is caused by the application or if it is caused by the Windows ‘keep taskbar on top’ setting. If CFP could just position its Alerts above the balloon pop-ups so that the whole alert window is accessible, then I would not have a problem with that.


Re = Defence + is Learning = [within the Comodo Version 3 program]?
Thanks for the information re “Pop Ups” = This has removed the showing of the “Defence + is Learning” during the computer startup

Now I can someone advise on the Version 3 of re the multitude of the AVG entries showing in “Computer Security Policy” [Accessed from = Defence Icon = Advanced =] I removed Huge numbers of the “AVG Custom” entries. Please Note! I left as is the 6 AVG “Trusted Applications”

Closed down computer and restarted, had look within the “Computer Security Policy” and counted 14 = closed down and restarted computer and now have 27 = repeated the close and restart again and now have 40 = repeated the close and restart again and now have 53 = Possibly I feel will keep adding an increase to the number of entries of AVG at each computer startup?
It appears the Defence + is Learning is not applying the “learning” process to the AVG [I do notice the “Defence + is Learning” is repeating the identical process of AVG during every computer startup???]
Do I have something not customised correctly or is it possible there maybe a hic cup in Comodo programming
I do have the “Advanced” “Defence + Settings =General Settings” set to “Training Mode” = “Firewall Behaviour Settings” set to “Training Mode”
Comments please!

it appears to relearn but is not relearning, the programs in question are modifying, so its learning that aspect, i disabled the balloons too, not for my sake, but for families sake as they have no idea how a firewall works :SMLR


Check these programs as “trusted applictions” or for new install use installation mode on summary page.



If your confident your pc is clean switch defence+ to clean pc mode and pop ups should only occur when something changes or you do something new.

Regards Matty

The only time the balloon pop up annoyed me was when I was taking a scrolling screen shot of a web page. A balloon pop up, popped up regarding Defense + ‘learning magical snap’, and made a right mess of my screenie!!

Thanks for the reply re To "Clean PC Mode "

Yes I changed “Clean switch defence+” = To "Clean PC Mode " which doing so had no effect and I still have the same exiting problem?

Found I now after a few more restarts have 84 [eighty four??] “AVG Custom” entries

Tried the adding of the two only AVG’s [shown in "Define a New…] to “Define a New Trusted Appliction” and I find I am not to be able to access same to remove these entries as inserted in “Define a New Trusted Appliction” = How does one do so?

Is it possible to “add” the AVG somewhere else within the Comodo program?

Many thanks
Your comments please

Are these short path entries (~1) as they know about this problem this happens at every boot.


Re Post by: Dennis2
Thanks for your reply

Not sure if I understood your message?
Your reference I feel you understand that Comodo programmers are aware of the repetitive pop up boxes problem I refer to?
I have included a image of the ASVG file I am referring to!
You will note that now after more computer restarts I have now 131 listed in the comodo “Computer Security Policy” files?
They refer to = 1\Grisoft\AVG7\ AVGcc.exe = 1\Grisoft\AVG7\AVGmsvr.exe = 1\Grisoft\AVG7\AVGemc.exe = and computer seems to add 13 files as such at each start up!
As far as I can remember I had no problems as such with the Comodo Version 2.4
I may even consider reinstall the Comodo Version 2.4???

Your comments would be appreciated

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You get one more than me I get twelve four for each process if you check you will see these process are system not user.
Egemen posted this about problem link below;msg98150#msg98150
Edit:- There is a cure but can cause problems user switching etc. if just boot and shutdown to same account like I do there should be no problems?
Summary/Proactive Defence/(Left Click)Paranoid Mode (Or what you have set)/Click the box (Block all unknown requests if the application is closed) This will stop all extra entries.
Please make sure all process you want to run at boot have rules in Defence/Computer Security Policy

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Hi Dennis

These files keep increasing in number and after the latest count of 166 I have returned and reinstalled the 2.4 Comodo Version [which I feel is better and a very easy simple Firewall to manage!]

Now with my computer XP SP2 startup time with the new version 3 was just over 2 minutes
The startup time with 2.4 Comodo version is 60 seconds?

Many thanks