Defence+ interfiering with Daemon Tools (SCSI Drive)

Actually it works fine… untill you decide to add virtual SCSI drive.

It will say it needs to install SPTD driver and then ask you to reboot, but after restart there will be no SCSI drive.

If you try again everything repeats (Driver install>>Reboot>>Nothing).

If you chack “Completly deactivate Defence+” (and restart) Daemon tools will add SCSI drive just fine, but if you re-activate Defence+ afterwards SCSI drive will dissapear again.

Is there a way to add Daemon Tools SCSI drive without Disabling Defence+ ?

P.S. There is nothing about Daemon tools or SPTD in Defence+ log.
There is a device called HYRIB JO9QJ052 SCSI CdRom Device in device Manager, but it doesn’t show in DT lite with Defence+ on.

Daemon tools executables need to be added to 'Defense+, Settings, Execution Control, Detect Shellcode injection, Exclusions.
After that you need to reboot and then Daemon tools should work fine.

That worked, thanks.

It would be nice if it was written in the logs like Shellcode injection blocked (process name) so that we don’t guess around.

Technically it’s not a Shellcode injection that arises more an incompatibility between the products and this ‘resolves’ the issue.