Defence+ instead UAC

Hi! I have windows 7 x32 with UAC enabled. How to customize Defence+ rules for working instead UAC? Two these programs make similar things, how to disable annoying UAC (that requres admin password every time) without damage to security? Thanks.

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You can disable UAC as D+ is superior to it.

Interesting idea to disable UAC if you have D+. I never thought about it. But anyway I prefer to have them both.

Then is D+ superior to SRP default deny?

D+ imo is far superior.

Really? That’s cool.
I love CIS even more.
Though I prefer to have all three together.

OK, thanks for your help!

I have UAC switched off. It will ask the same question over and over again…

D+ is what UAC should’ve been in the first place!

D+ is Default Deny.
UAC is User Access Control. It controls what programs are granted Admin level access. This is far different and for an entirely different purpose than D+.

And UAC is more annoying then D+.

If you turn off UAC all your trusted programs run as administrator and the sort of exploits that Defence+ does not protect against (bad DLLs, macros etc run from trusted programs) will run as administrator and hit you hard. You are better protected with UAC on.

I don’t see the problem with UAC. The programs I run nearly all the time run without giving a UAC prompt. I even have my limited user accounts set up so programs requiring administrator rights just do not run. I find it a minor inconvenience.

so, just I thought that their functions are similar, but they are not. Thank you!