Defence+ installation files, question

I wondered, since the Defence+ regonize/logs everything you run. is there a way things you just temporarly used like installation files, since it also register Comodo BOclean inspect those files or isn’t that something it saves? ???
since there no need for having those logged is it? like that it runs an installation, that you only use once…

Hi Slemmen - Defense+ logs only files that it does not know or files trying to do something that they do not have permission to do. It comes with a large list of known safe files and the lookup and submission of files that appear on your “Pending Files” list will soon classify all your files as safe or known.
BOClean has some other issues. You can just add it to “My Own Safe Files” under the Defense+>Common Tasks window, but you also have to add all the CFP exe files (the ones with the shield icon and Cmdagent.exe) to BOC’s Excluder list. Those files are protected and when BOC tries to monitor them, it generates an event.