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Hi , I have just downloaded the new CIS 5 version and it seems to run very well. A previous post I made in May last year with versions 3 & 4 is now applicable again. One of my programms is WinPatrol+ and I wish to have CIS give it “Process Termination” protection. Also my process manager(task manager) is Security Process explorer and each time I view my task manager, it comes up as Access Memory in defence + events. I wish to enable my task manager to access memory etc & no warnings be given. I knew the process to achieve these 2 requests with the older versions. I am having no luck in achieving this with the New CIS. Therefore could someone kindly advise a step by step process in how to give WinPatrol termination protection & Security Process Explorer the ability to access memory without any warnings.

Many thanks

CIS5 & WinPatrol+

Please consult the D+ FAQ re memory access logs here.

Regarding your other request, you simply need to do what you did before but in Computer Security Policy ~ Defence Plus rules. Add winpatrol to the D+ rules, use customised settings ~ customise ~ protection settings Then chose ‘modify’ against process termination, and tick ‘active’. Then save everything.

Best wishes