Defence + has blocked "x" suspicious attempts[RESOLVED]

I have an application ( C:\Program files\Acer\Acer bio protection\Pwdbank.exe ) which is trying to access memory and the target is C:\Programs files\COMODO\COMODO internet security\cfp.exe

I understand the file in question is for the automatic entering of login details via certain website in Internet Explorer, i believe this file is safe as it was shipped with my Acer laptop. So my question is that is it safe, the action which it is attempting? and how do i allow this application?

Any help would be much appreciated, thks in advance :slight_smile:

When it doesn’t affect how that application works then there is no reason to change anything.

As Eric has stated if this doesnt affect the running of the application then it is fine to leave it. If however you find it clogging your Defence+ logs or want it to cease you need to add it as an exception to the Comodo Internet Security entry in Computer Security Policy.To do this->

Defence+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy->Find the entry Comodo Internet Security and double click it->In the new window choose “Protection Settings” and click on “Modify” next to “Interprocess Memory Access”->Now Add and find it in Running processes or Browse to it.
APPLY to close all windows.


Thanks for the help i’ll give it a try when i get back on my own lappy, it is affecting the programs functionally so would like to get it sorted, thanks for the advice! ;D