Defence+ - FTP Rush is trying to access the disk directly

When I run FTPRush client, Defense+ warns me with the following alert…

“ftprush.exe is trying to access the disk directly. What would you like to do?”

“Accessing the disk directly is not a common operation for everyday applications.”

If I block this request FTP Rush still appears to run correctly - so what is going on here?
Why does FTP Rush access the disk in this unusual way?
Is it necessary? And should I allow it?

I have made a similar post on the FTPRush forum, but have had no response there, so turn to the Comodo community instead!

Any advice gratefully received :slight_smile:

When you know FTPRush is trustworthy program that you downloaded from a trustworthy site you can allow this alert.

On the other hand if the program works when denying it then that’s ok too. I guess the program will try another way of writing to disk when it gets the Direct disk access denied.