Defence+ Freezes when clicking on name of offending process


I’m running Windows XP Pro SP3, Comodo Firewall (without AV) ver 4.0.141842.828
also running BitDefender 2009 AV as my anti-virus, Ad Muncher as my ad killer, and SpyBot.

Whenever a Defence+ Alert pop’s up and I click the name of the offending process in the alert the
window freezes and I am unable to enter any of the Comodo Firewall via the system tray icon.
If I try to access Task Manager that freezes too but other applications work. This occurs until I reboot
or restart the system. If I don’t click on the name of the offending process everything works 100%.

Any help would be appreciated.

Is this a clean install of the Firewall or an upgrade install?

Do the D+ logs report blocking at the time of clicking at the name of the process? Can you post a screenshot? The logs can be found under Defense + → Common Tasks → View Defense + Events.

Do the logs also show events regarding BitDefender? Does disabling BitDefender help?

I have similar problem. OS Vista sp2 + latest updates + CIS V4 latest (defence +: paranoid, firewall: custom, sandbox and anti virus disabled) + avira premium 10.
cfp.exe freezes and shuts down and goes from system tray. Have to restart cis.

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