Defence+ does not ask if a file is createt

Up to now I used Defence+ to control programms maybe as it was not intendet.
For example I let defence+ ask everytime if firefox or any other programm tried to write an Flash LSO. And mostly I said no.
But now (I don’t know if it is related to the update) Defence+ don’t ask anymore if an LSO is writen. I even deletet Firefox an the Plugin Container completly from the rules and used custom rules and Paranoid mode.
I was asked for everything firefox wanted to do (acess com interface, DNS client…). But not when it created a LSO in the macromediafolder but it asked when I downloaded a file. And Defence+ is asking when the file are automaticly deletet by better privacy through firefox (but not if created?). The same modification! What the… :o
As I said, I don’t know if it is related to the update.
In the begining I wasn’t shure if I let, in an accidend, remember Defence+ my answer when I said yes because something didn’t worked without a LSO. But after deleting all rules for FF…

So, did I miss something, is there an exclusionrule for LSOs or something like that? I mean I was never ask for writing Cookies…

And the biggest question. Can I change it back. ???

These little bastards are hard enough to control (why the local LSO is everytime modyfied if flash is used by a webside when I only allow 0kb for LSO in the onlinemenue 88)) without defence+ .I’d like to use my old methode again.

Sorry, I saw a few seconds ago, that I used the wrong part of the forum. I think this is related to defence+ questions more then to the configuration help.
Fell free to throw this thread in the right position. :-[

And mixed of the text with the edit. To late at night :-\

Ok, After searching the Forum I found a solution by myself.
I just added C:[…]\Macromedia to the protectet files. (why I didn’t see that before…)
Now D+ is asking again.

But it does not explain why it didn’t ask before anymore. I mean LSO are not that safe I think.