Defence+ does not always work when safe application is updated

I have had this issue several times. When an application is updated defence+ does not always trust the new version when it should until the PC has been restarted. This has happened with Firefox (a trusted signed application) and now XnView (not signed) and at least one more time but I forget which application. Firefox was sandboxed until I rebooted and XnView was not allowed to be opened by explorer until I rebooted (auto sandboxing was off this time). The blocking was clear in defence+ log (blocked as I have parental control on). After reboot everything works perfectly.

I use clean PC mode with parental control on and remove everything from my pending files after installation. There should be no reason for defence+ to block the new version. It is as if there was some confusion in defence+ caused by the version change.

The latest occurrence was with CIS 4.1.150349.920 with defence+ AV and firewall all active. This was after a complete reinstall of CIS when I put on 4.1.

The Firefox issue was with CIS 4.0.138377.779 on the same PC.

Windows 7 64 bit no other security applications.