Defence+ disabled itself

Hiya folks,ive just installed a new graphics card which meant updating the drivers etc.Anyway i downloaded all the new software but i wasn`t asked to switch to installation mode so carried on.When all was done i checked on my pending files and there was xxxx so i purged and removed knowing they where ok.

I thought i would just check the summary screen to see all was ok and i saw defence+ set at disabled.Now im sure i didnt do this so how did it happen.The only pop up i got was early on and referred to a kernel driver after this nothing.My worry is if d+ can be disabled without actually moving the slider to disable, could any download disable it.Has anyone else encountered this while downloading or purging a lot of files?

Anyway back on train with safe mode now and all seems ok.

Regards Matty


Prehaps you had a corrupted install.

Does Defense+ work OK now?


Seems fine now,just wish i knew how it became disabled as i thought the only way to disable d+ was to check the box and do a system restart which i definately didn`t do.Anyhow will keep an eye on it,maybe do a few tests to see if it crashes when purging a couple of thousand files.

Nice one Matty