Defence+ Direct Disk access protection prevents MySQL from working

I have an app (Squeezebox Server) that stores its data in a MySQL database.

With “Objects to monitor against direct access: Disks” checkbox enabled, the app reports that it cannot write to C:\Windows\Temp#sql.MYD.

I have my D+ security level set to Clean PC Mode, but have tried to reduce this to Training and even Disabled mode, but I stilll get this error. NB. it never asks me whether I would like to allow access, it just doesn’t work).

The only thing that seems to get the app to work is to disable global direct disk access checks.

I have tried changing individual apps settings from Ask to Allow direct disk access, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference - I have to untick the global setting.

In fact, sometimes I find I have to re-tick the global disk access check, and then untick it again.