Defence Configuration


I am using latest CIS with Dence & AV installed (not Firewall). My problem is fairly basic I hope & I think it maybe because I am not that knowledgeable… When I run my Task Manger (Security process Explorer), Defence always blocks certain processes related to Task Manager (blocks access to memory etc). I know my Task Manager is clean and I am having troubles making this and other safe applications marked as trusted. I get the response to add from “a running process” or from “a signed executable”. Whenever I try to add, I get the answer…not a signed executable. The only program i have been able to add is WinPatrol as a trusted program/vendor.

Any assistance (step by step) given would be appreciated.

XP SP3…CIS3, WinPatrol Free & Avira (on demand).


Any advices

To edit your Defense+ rules, go to

Defense+ > Advanced > Computer Security Policy

Click on an application, for example, task manager (taskmgr.exe) and you can set it as a predefined security policy like ‘Trusted Application’ or ‘Windows System Application’ or leave it as a custom policy and go to its access rights and, for example, give it the right to access “Inter process Memory Access” and “Process Terminations” of other applications.