Defence+ Computer Security Policy - Move, Sort and Search

Is it possible to make the Computer Security Policy searchable, the items moveable and sortable ?
It takes a lot of time to search trough the list to find an application to “change” the policy for.

Good Day Rhgtyink,

You can search the list by pressing
By doing this a field appears at top left where u can enter the location + prog name…
…& as u start typing the location + name of the program, then autocomplete will give u the choices to select from…

Hope that has helped…

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Hi Roberta,

That’s almost a “hidden feature” (:WIN)
Maybe a default search window would be more obvious ?
And a wildcard search would also be nice in this…

Chairman WOW!

Where did you find that one??


That doesn’t work for me. ???

It is pretty subtle. In Vista, it erases “Application Name” and lets you reuse that line. You can actually use . won’t work, for example, but and most others will. :slight_smile:

Good Day Sded,

Actually works for me, & it actually pastes in whatever text I have copied…

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This was working before (not very well for me…) but isn’t working anymore. Did it get deleted in the last update?

A sort feature sure would be nice. I know it’s free, but this product is pretty hard to configure and I would pay not to have to go through this hassle.