Defence + Blocks Trusted [edit: Fingerprint] Executable

I have windows 7 64 bit. Comodo version 5.10.228257.2253

I have a fingerprint reader on my new Vaio laptop with TrueSuite software, but Defence+ keeps blocking its function even though I have designated the whole of the Program as Trusted. So. I am getting hundreds of blocking notifications, and the fingerprint reader isnt working. How can I stop this happening? Naropa

Sorry you are having this problem. To help you I’ll need a bit more information.

Could you post a screenshot of your Defence+ event logs (D+ ~ View Events), and your active process list (D+ ~ View active processes please?

There is a post here in new member information that will guide you on making screenshots.

Also could you tell m if you are using standard CIS settings, or, if not how you have changed them.

Best wishes


I do not think that I have changed anything in CIS.
Here are the screenshots attached below.
And I put them on imageshack but maybe the link is wrong!

[attachment deleted by admin]

I just realiised that I enabled Enhanced Protection Mode in Defence+

Thanks. First please try the fix in this FAQ Access memory event log entries, then reboot and try the fingerprint reader again.

If this does not work please append a new screenshot showing any remaining events for the fingerprint executable.

Best wishes


Dear Mouse
Yes. That seems to have worked fine.

That’s great. Thanks for telling me.