Defence + blocks processes of Medal of Honor 2010

It’s very strange but i played beta of MOH a week ago and the game was scanned and found safe. But when i tried to run the multiplayer exe file it was sandboxed, then i could not connect to EA and found that Firewall made a rule to block MOHMP file so i had to change it to predefined custom policy (trusted application- hope it’s ok). and final thing i see 10 intrusions blocked by D+ that are medal of honor mp attempts to access memory.

So, what is wrong with the white list? Till now it auto allowed all my games even the latest and what to do with those intrusions alerts. I paid my money and want this game to work!!!

I have another problem so i’ll post here skipping the opening of a new thread.

EA download manager is sandboxed each time i try to open it, in spite the fact i choose don’t sandbox it every time

Please see this FAQ here.

Also this FAQ here.

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