defence + blocks Firefox browser from opening

i am using the free Comodo Internet Security, firewall part only
first defence + blocked access of my computer to the internet today
then Defence plus seems to have blocked Mozilla Firefox browser from opening, then a little later got a BSOD
with the message "IRQL_Not_LESS_OR_EQUAL
I uninstalled Comodo and now everything is back to normal
Can anyone please tell me what is going on?
Why is Defence + blocking my access to the internet?where can I find out and remove this anomaly?

It would be good if you could provide us minidumps that are located in C:/Windows/Minidump folder. You could have checked if there was something blocked in Firewall tab → Network Security Policy → Blocked Zones and in Defense+ tab → Computer Security Policy → Blocked Files. All events are listed in Firewall tab → View Firewall Events and in Defense+ tab → View Defense+ Events. Also, do you have any other security software installed?

Thanks “deadman” for your prompt reply!!
I have now re installed Comodo Firewall older version which used to work OK ver 5.3.174622
but this time i have disabled Defence+
so its working OK now
I need the Firewall only anyway, to block intrusions!!
i have the free Avast Anti Virus installed ver 6
EDIT: seems like Defence+ has suddenly become hyper active !!!LOL

defence+ blocks all web sites and log shows firefox.exe modify is the cause. But firefox.exe shows as a trusted program. What could be the cause of the blockage?

Could you provide us screenshot of Defense+ Events?