Defence blocking my Task Manager

Hi…I use Security Process Explorer (from Glarysoft) as my Task Manager, and everytime I access it, Defence states that it blocks numerous attempts of my Task Manager accessing memory. I have tried numerous things to mark the Software as trusted, but without success. I am certainly a newbie to CIS and would appreciate a simple step by step guide to stop Defence from doing this.

Also, any simple advice on how to add additional Security programms to Trusted Section, where they are covered against Process Termination, would be greatly appreciated.

XP SP3…CIS…WinPatrol and various on demand Scanners.

You can try making all executables of Glary Utilities safe files. Go to Defense + → Common Tasks → My own safe files → Add → Browse files → now ad all executables and bat files in the Glary Soft folders to the list.

Is SPE trying to access CIS components in memory? Is that what the warnings are about? Comodo files and folders are protected by default.