Defence+ and Dreamweaver

Have been using Dreamweaver MX 2004 alongside Comodo for some time now with no problems. For about two weeks or so I have been unable to launch Dreamweaver unless I disable Defense+ (it can be re-enabled once DW is running), have spent hours trying to get to the bottm of this problem with no success I would rather not have to disable Defense+ as, inevitably, I am going to re-enable it sonner or later.
Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in anticipation.

Hello Ian, do your defense+ logs reveal anything?

comodo → Defense+ → Events.

Hi Kyle

Defense+ logs (which I have checked several times) shows:

C:\Users\Ian\AppData\Local\Temp-e5d141.tmp attempting to access memory with Dreamweaver as its target. I have added this temp file to Defense+ Safe Files but it has made no difference to behaviour.

Many Thanks for your response, good luck in the army.