Defence + and BOClean[RESOLVED]


I’ve had CFP3 running in Training Mode for a while now, but Defence + is still picking up on BOClean and is recording these memory access attempts as suspicious beahviour (see attached PNG). I’ve also added BOClean to My Safe Files in CFP3 but it doesn’t seem to make any diference.

Have I got my settings wrong? Or what else can I do to resolve this? Thanks.

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Very easily done. Go to D+\Advanced\Computer Security Policy. Highlight Comodo Firewall Pro. Click edit. Click on Protection Settings. Click on Interprocess memory access. Add BOClean and click apply till your all the way out.

Hide CBOClean to show up in Defense’s logs, CFP,

You can also put the BOClean folders into the exceptions list with regards to
Defence+/Interprocess Memory access.
This will stop BOClean from constantly coming up in the logs for each CFPV3 executable.

To do this:

1: Defence+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy, right click on the Comodo v3 enrty and choose

2: Next click on “Protection Settings” and “Modify” next to Interprocess Memory access.

3: Click on ADD and then Running Processes (Assuming you have BOClean running).

4: Highlight BOCore.exe and select and BOC426.exe and select then “APPLY” to close all windows.


It might also be a good idea to exclude both cfp.exe & cmdagent.exe in BOClean (probably the reason why BOC keeps poking CFP in a manner that it isn’t keen on).

Not necessary in this case, and you can upgrade BOClean to a new version without any warnings ab’t cfp-files.

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Many thanks for all the advice. I’ll try these, and hopefully this will resolve. :■■■■