defence+ alerts reporting an application called "System", slows down shut down

since yesterday, computer shut down is extremely slow. sometimes it takes several minutes. i found out that it is related to defence+, caus sometimes in the beginning of the computer shut down there is an alert to be heard, but which cannot be answered as the computer is already on the shutdown screen.
when i disable defence+ the computer shuts down normal. i cannot exclude the application “System”, i don’t know what is meant by it. i excluded system and system 32 folder from the windows directory but it didn’t help.
yesterday i did clean with AdwCleaner and a fix with farbar recovery scan tool. maybe thats the cause?
should i re-install CIS?
please help.

AdwCleaner log, FRST fixlist and CIS logfiles attached.

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See this thread. It should solve your problems:;msg687318#msg687318

The problem appeared in V6.0 and has not been fixed yet. You need to add some files to your HIPS Rules (see attachment).

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thank you for the answer. but those three applications were already in the HIPS rules. must be something else 88)

p.s.: but you brought me on the right path :slight_smile:
in the HIPS rules there was the application “System” and after setting “treat as windows system application” it seems to work correctly.
thanks again :wink: