Defence- 2 Questions

I have just downloaded the latest stable version of CIS. I have tried previous versions, however, they have been too buggy. I would love to stick with CIS, however, I am unable to achieve 2 settings.
Question1 (3rd time I have asked)- My task manager is Security Process Explorer (Glarysoft). Everytime I view my task manager,Defence logs dozens of suspicious events relating to “accessing memory”. Security Process Explorer is a safe application…I have tried varying the settings in Defence to stop these annoying messages, without success.
Question 2 - I use WinPatrol Free alongside CIS. I have marked the application as Safe & also included it in my Protected Files. However, when I open my task manager, I am easily able to terminate the process (WinPatrol System Monitor). I wish too be able to protect this from termination.

I am certainly no expert in relation to CIS settings and would appreciate any assistance in answering these 2 questions.

XP SP3…CIS & Winpatrol Free.

Hello andy, i don`t use the programs you mention but might be able to advise on a few things.

No.1 When you say Security Process Explorer is trying to “access memory” are you refering to it trying to access cfp.exe or cmdagent.exe(or both)
If so you need to add the Security Process Explorer executable to the exceptions list for Comodo Internet Security, to do this use the following steps.

Defence±>Advanced->Computer Security Policy->Find the entry for Comodo Internet Security and double left click it.In the new window that comes up click on “Protection settings”
You should now have a window with four entries, click on “Modify” next to “Interprocess memory access”->Now click on “Add” and then you can either use running procesess or browse to find the executable to add to the exceptions list.
Once added APPLY to close all windows, then its best to go back and double check its there.

No.2 Similar to the first go to Defence±>Advanced->Computer Security Policy->This time find the executables associated with Winpatrol and double left click on them->Click on protection settings and this time where it says “Process Terminations”(it should have no checked) place the check in “Yes”.
Where not there yet, next off you need to click on “Modify” next to “Process terminations”->Click Add->then “File Groups” and click “Windows System Applications”(should end up like the pic)
APPLY to close all windows, double check.


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Welcome to the Forum, Andy675.

Question 1. Memory sharing issue.
Select Defense+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy.
Scroll down to Comodo Internet Security, select Edit/Protection Settings.
Interprocess memory Access (Active Yes) select Modify/Add/Running processes.
Scroll down to locate the application. Click it and click “Select”.
Then just “Apply” to each window as you exit.

Question 2.
Defense+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy. Locate and select your aplication. Edit/Protection Settings. Locate Process Terminations. Change this to ‘No’.
Click ‘Apply’ to each window on your way out.

Sorry, Matt, you posted just faster than I did.

John & Matt,

Success achieved.

Many thanks