Defeat the pop-ups

I’m tired of seing 50 different pop-ups for one app like iexplorer. Is there anyway to set CFP that once the executable of allowed web access - it doesn’t matter what new parent apps uses it - it allows access?


Yes, I think you can do this by telling CPF to skip the parent check in application control. You will reduce your security by doing this I think as if some malware gets on your pc and uses your browser to access the net you will not get any warning.


Cool, i found it - thnx :). I’m aware of the risk…but as far as i’m concerned - its worth the risk. My defenses are pretty high on my PC and i haven’t been infected for some years now. Ironically I was using Norton during the majority of it - but we’ll keep that part a secret eh? ;D


Stick with Comodo and all will be well (in the long term anyway)