Default Settings

In default settings CD remembers the ID & Password for sites until the system is restarted. Isn’t this a security risk?

I mean you login into any site & then close CD. Restart CD & open the site again & you are automatically logged in. I think this is a security risk.

Under Content Settings if you check “Keep local data only until I quit my browser” then the above doesn’t happens.

Wot you guyz think about this??

I also run IE & the above doesn’t happen with IE default settings.

Win 7 64 Bits
CD & IE latest versions

No one thinks its a security risk? What about banking sites? If the system is not restarted & the next person opens the same banking site it will open with the previous users account & thus a risk here, dont you guyz think so or am I missing something here?

It’s up to you how you want to configure your web browser, Naren.

If you have people using your computer that you don’t trust, I would suggest you tell your browser not to save your passwords.

Edit: Also, only use per-session cookies.

I agree that there is a responsibility for the user when he or she allows others to access the computer. Along the same line it is up to the user to use “Keep local data only until I quit my browser” or not.

If other people use your computer then I advice to use your computer like one in a cyber cafe or to no longer allow others to use it.

AFAIK, most banking sites etc will automatically logout the user after a short period of inactivity.
A lot of other sites have a session length setting during login, including this forum.

I have already disabled password saving.

I know I can customize the browser.

But IE default setting is secure i.e it doesn’t happens with IE. Why CD defaults cannot be that way? Not every user change browser settings. And it seems risky for average users.

Then add it to the wish list of Dragon… :wink: