Default settings? [SOLVED]

Is there somewhere that you can view what the defaults are for the different functions of CIS V4 with screenshots if possible, its just that if I change something and it goes wrong I could use it to help me put things right, I think there used to be a topic like this for V3 or something.

Edit: topic closed, let me know if you want to re-open it. (Arkangyal)

Right click CIS system tray icon > Configuration > Manage My Configurations > Click the one you want > Click Activate

That’s one way to get there. Those configs are the defaults, but of course you can add your own at any stage you want.

does changing these configurations reset everything back to default (ie like you have just installed CIS from scratch) or does it leave safe files, allowed programs, trusted networks etc intact?

again thankyou for your response

It resets it to what CIS would have provided in the various options during a fresh installation. Every rule custom rule you would’ve made will be cleaned away O0