default settings [RESOLVED]

I just performed CPIL and PCFlank leak tests and failed them both ???. While I had CPF 2 installed, I passed those test with flying colors.
So I start looking at comodo settings, and found that most of the monitorings are turned off :o

Can you please tell me what are the default (or recommended) setting for those items?
I’m sure I didn’t change any of those setting, and I’m the only one with the physical acces to my computer…

BTW, after turning on most of the D+ settings, the CPF passed the tests :BNC

[Topic Closed: If issue returns PM an online mod to open]

I guess on the first screenshot two checked items are default (first and second from the top).
On second screenshot - “normal” is default.
And on third - all items are checked by default.

My settings are: for the first screenshot everything disabled just like you (check if the connection’s speed drops noticeably after enabling them); second one normal as Goodbrazer said; and third one everything enabled. These settings are default or at least they were when I installed.

Thank you.
I wonder what messed up those settings … ???