Default settings for Version 3

Best Default settings for Version 3
Using Widows XP OEM Home SP2 with all Windows Updates installed
My settings are now as =
Set to show no Display Balloon Messages
Defence and settings = Is now set to “Clean PC Mode”
Image Execution Control Settings = is now set to “Normal”
Firewall Behaviour Settings = is now set to “Train with Safe Mode”
Have I set Comodo correctly?
Next question is?

When installing a program I am using = “Treat this Application As = Installer or Updater” with no “Remember My Application” Unchecked" "I then have a number of files listed under = “Proactive Defence” = "Waiting for Your Review " = and after I click on same I am presented with same in = “My Pending Files” = first I - “Purge” same and delete the purge = look at balance of them and then If I feel they are all safe files I = "Move to = My Own Safe Files =
Where Comodo Files Pages show “Purge” I every few days use the “Purge” to clean out non need files?
Am I doing this correctly?

As feed Back =
If on the odd occasions if I use the “CCleaner” with = “Options” = “Advanced” with uncheck of the “Only Delete Files in Windows Temp Folders Older than 48 Hours” I do have on my computer strartup = "Please wait while Windows Configures PhotoImpact X3: [This takes quite a few minutes to finish ?] Then within the "My Pending Files = I have 25 files in “Waiting for Your Review” which I Purge them in “My Pending Files” giving me 10 to remove/delete and I move the balance of the 15 files with “Move to = My Own Safe Files”. After all my later computer startups I have no Configuring happening !
In the CCleaner set up I have only the “Internet” all ckecked and in “System” only the “Temporay Files” box checked [No other boxes checked?]
By leaving the above CCleaner box checked I have do not have the “Reconfiguring of PI X3” showing?

Everything looks good. Not really sure on your CCleaner question. I use CCleaner at default settings. (CNY)