Default search engine set to Comodo. How do I change it? [Resolved]

Since installing Comodo, my default search enging has changed (to Comodo), and changing the about:config setting doesnt have any effect. I just want my url bar to figure out the most likely page from what I’ve typed (“wiki” leads to wikipedia etc). As far as I know, this is done by the “I’m Feeling Lucky” feature of Google, but what do I need to set to make it take effect?

What version of Comodo did you install?

version 5.0.163652.1142

Installing CIS shouldn’t do that.

Which about:config setting did you change?

You want keyword.url and the value should be:

Ok, I’ve just changed the setting you said (with the code you gave) and it’s doing the same thing. And I’m pretty sure that’s the setting I was changing, but I was just putting “” instead of the long url you gave. I also tried the “reset” option aswell (all to no avail).

I’ve just realised I’ve been a noob, and posted in the wrong board - I haven’t installed CIS, I’ve installed just the firewall.
(sorry :-[, please move this thread to it’s appropriate board, thnx)

I’m having the same problem.

Win7 HP 64
Firefox 3.6.13
Comodo Firewall 5.0.1xxxxx(just updated this afternoon)

when i try to search from the firefox url/address bar i expect to be using googles’ “i’m feeling lucky” search feature which is usually enabled by default.

what happens now tho, is that i get redirected to

i added a pic to show what it looks like. i would love to get this figured out b/c i really utilize the “i’m feeling lucky” search feature.


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Try switching to other DNS servers and see if that fixes it it for you.

If you type about:config in the URL window and search for keyword.url, what is the value that you see?

keyword.url is set to:

for whatever reason, the problem has been solved even tho I did nothing.

thanks for the help

Thank you timjay, that address worked great. :-TU

It sounds like the original problem is resolved. I’m going to lock this thread. If you’d like it reopened, PM me or any other moderator.

Edit: re-opening thread at original posters request.

After installing Comodo on my new pc, and putting the address listed above into the about:config/keyword.url I am once again having the same problem as before >:(

Any new ideas would be appreciated :-TU

Check your DNS settings on your internet adapter, I just remembered when I installed CIS that it asked me about changing my DNS to comodo’s DNS. I kept getting the same search results out of my address bar from the comodo search each time regardless of changing the keyword.url.

Change your DNS back to automatic and then refresh your IP, or restart your computer and the problem will be gone