Default Restrictions for I/O Traffic

I’m new to COMODO having used ZoneAlarm in the past. I may have missed something but it appears inbound/outbound traffic is not restricted by default. I sense I can build a specific rule for an application after installation but I would prefer to limit any newly installed application by default unless explicitly permitted.

Can anybody clarify? Have I unknowingly permitted I/O by mistake?

Otherwise, with a limited usage I’m very impressed.


Well I use to use Zone Alarm Pro and the whitelist is very big. Most programs that where white list connected with out warnings like Firefox or Internet Explorer. You can run the stealth port wizard if you like. You can alsio edit your rules for Internet Explorer and Firefox to always ask for permission. Comodo’s white list has grown very big so that users aren’t overwhelmed with firewall alerts and D+ alerts. Try using a program not normally white listed and you will see your alerts for the firewall. You can also change your firewall security level and your firewall alert level. Comodo is a very powerful and configurable firewall where as Zone Alarm is very basic and user friendly. Read the help file system under miscellaneous and it will tell you all you need to know.

You can add a block and log all rule at the end of your applications rules if you want to prevent CFP3 from automatically making rules for it. Then when you decide it is ok, you can remove the block and log and redo the automatic rules generation or manually add the allows for whatever you see was blocked.

Good point sded.

Thanks for all the tips. After I sent the post I started thinking it may have been a silly question.

Also you can set the firewall to Custom mode