Default HIPS rules for "All Applications"

Does the default “custom rule” for “All Applications” under Defense±>HIPS Rules come with a number of exclusions for Interprocess Memory Acesses, Windows Hooks, Protected Registry Keys, Protected Files?
This is my settings-

I ticked the “remember” option on some popups during installation which I probably shouldn’t have done because it populated the All Applications custom rules with exclusions and maybe also the Trusted Files which ballooned into a big list which I didn’t check until now.

There isn’t an option to revert to default settings and I’m wondering if I should just reinstall Comodo FW.

Yes the All Applications rule does have default exclusions for the mentioned access rights, when you allow/deny with remember my answer check, you are creating rules for that particular application and will not modify a file group rule such as the all applications file group. To revert a change made from answering an alert, find a HIPS rule for a single application that says custom ruleset under treat as next to the application file path and look for any exclusions defined.

Thanks. I had already uninstall and reinstalled Comodo CIS but I found that Comodo still kept the old settings without deleting them during the uninstall. Where does Comodo keep the install files so I can delete them manually?

Edit- I found them. They were either in the programdata or programfiles or /users/appdata dir, I just deleted all of the comodo dirs and the old settings were gone. Comodo uninstall should do a better job of cleaning up after itself.