Default Global Rules correct?

Hi, are these the correct default Global Rules? A ping is being answered despite ports being stealthed.

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Are you testing with Shields Up at I had problems with the ping always being answered, despite the rules in Comodo’s network policy, until I realized that it was my router answering the ping. I changed the rule for my router’s firewall to drop the echo requests and now I pass Shields Up with flying colors.

Sorry, forgot to include that piece of info. Yes, I’m using Shields Up by GRC. How do I change that rule. Which section do I go to?

Thank you!

If your PC is behind a router, then the results reported by GRC.COM are the results from your router, not from your PC.

GRC.COM is actually sending the ping to the public IP address assigned by your ISP. This IP address is genrally your router and your PCs have private addresses which GRC.COM can’t reach.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I imagine that every type of router has its own configuration options, so you’d need to look up your make and model to find out how to change the settings for your router’s firewall.
My router had a rule that read:
pass protocol icmp, to addr %WANADDR%:32 >> done, alert 0 [Responding to WAN Ping]
so I had to change it to read:
drop protocol icmp, to addr %WANADDR%:32 >> done, alert 0 [Responding to WAN Ping]
which solved the ping issue with Shields Up

Thank you, I’ll have a look and see what damage I can do ;).