Default firewall rule - is it active?

Hi All,

I am listening all over the forum that, v5.8 has a new default rule which automatically allows all outbound connections.

I have set my Comodo Firewall (5.8) to Proactive and Sandbox to Untrusted.

So, is still that default rule is active? I’m not sure about this. Can any one tell meif it is active. If so, how to remove the entry? (Do i need to change anything to the first entry as shown in the screenshot)


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The ‘Allow All Applications Out’ rule was part of CIS 5.5, when using the Internet Security configuration. It has been removed from CIS 5.8

But in 5.8 theres a box to mark, and a scroll line. (quietly do this with any attempt)
You should look if that is marked, and what it says it will do, because what is set there will affect the whole behaviour of the firewall.
There are these new boxes for each part of comodo. (in front of every happening=do this)

I would disable this box(es), and do what i ever did.
Go through all windows of a setting of a program. Often you will see important things. Default is sometimes fault.

I believe clockwork is referring to an installation option - checked by default - supposedly designed to minimise the number of alerts received, by simply allowing applications to make connections without notification. For all intents and purposes is the same as the previous 5.5 rule. Similar options exist for D+. If you want control uncheck this option during installation or post installation.

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