Default Firewall options Allow/Block

Could the option of setting the default selected setting of Allow/Block for firewall actions that you are notified upon be integrated. By default a guarantee a vast majority of your users would wish to DENY all connections prior to analyzing what is being done. Some people might misclick the OK button if the msg is displayed at a bad time of the user working on something or just merely clicking within that area. I realize that having allow the default setting is more suited to lesser educated users on networking/internet so why must everyone else suffer by having to click Block every single time? I am aware you could turn off notifactions with custom rule settings to block all events not matching specific rules but in the end you would never be notified of any requests. Yes this is a MINOR issue but it seems pretty fitting to have the option for default actions based on user preference.

infact i think by default it should be left unticked. this will be good for both novices and experts.