Default Deny Protection

I would like to see a “list” of all the version of CIS that include the feature “DDP” from the version it starts until obviously now. Reason I’m asking is because the latest version of CIS failed to install I don’t know why I get BSOD but that’s another story. Sense I believe the backbone or key to the powerful security is the DDP and defense plus. I’m just curious if my free version 3.14.130099.587 has included DDP or is that for the latest versions of CIS that which i can’t even fully install? Also I don’t like the new sandbox/block list in version 4.x it’s not fully completed because of messing appearances and many said you rushed the product ??? which makes sense or deny us the features of seeing such malicious alerts in sandbox or block list in the free version.

Anyway yes plz list me all versions of CIS that have default deny protection. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Forums, 12321.

Yes it does (3.14), DD has been the security of choice with Comodo for quite some time.

I think from version 3 onwards it has had Default Deny but don’t quote me on that.