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Once the necessary structure is incorporated in Comodo Dragon such that addons such as NoScript can function correctly I would like to see this incorporated into Comodo Dragon.

I don’t know if this is possible or practical, but could Comodo create a white-list of accepted sites or applications. I understand that this would be a major vulnerability, but it could still provide great protection for the people who refuse to accept the hassle of NoScript.

For example all scripts could be automatically allowed for Facebook,Amazon,Comodo, etc… Of course there should also be a paranoid mode that would provide the same protection as NoScript. In this way everyone could win.

What do you think of this idea? Also let me know if I wasn’t clear about what I wanted (because I don’t think I was).

In Chromium/Chrome 5, you have the ability to stop JS and only allow certain sites to use JS.

Still, I think it would be advantageous for Comodo to build a list of “safe” sites so that for the average user they would be protected from places such as “fake scanning sites” and the like without the hassle of having sites such as facebook display incorrectly or not allow pages to load.

Right now the average user will not configure something like this themselves, but if someone did it for them everything should be fine. This will make Comodo Dragon much safer than any other browser for the average user without loosing much usability. Besides, the average user doesn’t go to a lot of different sites.

I really think this idea is possible.

they actually have something like that already, it’s the verification engine. It works really well.

Oh it is possible, but I think it is too big brother-ish.

Also, JavaScript management is already included in CD beta.


What I’d really like though is a white-list.

Does vengine have something like this? I’ve never really used it.

Yes, it is, but it is not easy to configure. What I would like is the option for users who will not deal with configuring something like this to still have this type of protection.

Isn’t this essentially what CIS does with files? How would it be different for Comodo Dragon?

I wasn’t proposing something built into it that submitted sites to be checked or anything like that. If that was what you thought I meant then I agree with your statement.

My idea was that Comodo could white-list the major sites and maybe have an option to submit a site to Comodo to be analyzed and added to the white-list if it is found to be safe. This way the only possible problem is a site being hacked. I think this would greatly increase the security of CD without sacrificing too much usability.

Of course there should still be the option to block all javascript and build the safe-list yourself. Essentially paranoid-mode. My problem with the current system is that if a user wants this protection they essentially have to deal with paranoid mode. I would like another option.

Sounds great, as long as there is a way to opt-out for the unhappy. 88)

Would be nice to have a way to submit websites as okay (and maybe submit some as bad).

And maybe build up a list of trusted users, so if a few list a site as good/bad it is auto-added?

Or check to see if a site is dark green (and popular) on Web of Trust.

Really? I block all JavaScript by default and if a site requires it, I can then allow from the JavaScript icon in the address bar. The same applies for plugins, etc. I think a notification (or option to enable/disable) would be usefull to make you aware what is being blocked.