Default Deny - Good, or Not.....?

I download software that I know is safe, but due to default deny the .bat file get’s sandboxed on every occasion so it crashes. Chiron stated that it can take weeks or months for the sandboxed file to be determined safe/not safe, that’s a-long-time!

So, if its unsafe and the antivirus does not pick it up, so it is sandboxed why does it take so long???

If you like you can add the folder where these .bat files are created to the exceptions for the behavioral blocker. This should solve the problem.

With default deny this prob will always be there. There are loads of programs out there. Default deny not only affects new programs but also updates/upgrades of programs.

But system programs & most & many programs are in TVL & Cloud Whitelist & not much a prob for average users. But I do think it would be good if they provide an option for advanced users i.e not automatically autosandbox but ask.

Yes that’s right but think a bit about users that doesn’t know anything about security and download every app they find through the web … I know that these type of users want to have a silent AV that alerts only once real malware/suspicious file comes into the system …
And on the other hand, some users prefer having a total control of their PC…

Thats why I mentioned an option for advanced users, default being as it is currently.

Some Batch (.bat) files can be harmful, better to fry the unknown rather than the unknown fry your system.

If you are 100% sure it is safe then you could add it to the TFL.
I can’t imagine to many totally inexperienced users coming across to many Batch files with everyday use.