"Default Deny Firewall" mentioned in new "Paradox" tv show from BBC !!!

So I went on some site online that streams tv shows and I saw this new show called “Paradox”, the title immediate apealed to me because I like the sci-fi genre, so I started watching the first episode and like the subject title in this post sais, at some point where some detectives go in some scientist’s lab one of the detectives noticed that the computers in the scientist’s lab were protected by a “default deny firewall”.
So I guess the word is spreading and this gives me confidence in CIS !!!

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                                                                                           Thank You !

I believe you but can you find us a clip?

Here you can see the whole pilot episode (beware of ads, i use firefox and have a filter that blocks them):


Nice show, good to know Default Deny is getting known

Good news, the words are spreading fast.