Default deny and CIS V Firewall only

Is default deny the same as default response? Is it the same as hips and is it in 5.12.256249.2599*
I have the aforementioned firewall only but was reading about CIS 2013. Do i need that I have Norton AV and winpatrol

Is 5.12.256249.2599 the latest? Hasi t auto sandboxing?. i see ref to a 5.8 but when I check update there is none. Has my firewall anti rootkit/bot.?

Is CIS 2013 free and is it harder on resources than just the firewall? Could I disable the AV part as have av?

*when will the version number be copy and pastable

if you already running Norton AV and Win Patrol simply download the Comodo 6 build 2708 installer.
from here. when installing just do a custom install and uncheck all options except Firewall. This will install the Firewall only Product. Below is the download link.

If you decide you do not like 6.0 you can download 5.12 from FileHippo.
As long as you are not running the Entire Norton Internet security suite and Just the antivirus alone you should be fine. What do you mean when will the version number be copy and pastable? Here is the latest release link.Yes CIS is free and yes it has auto sand boxing.

COMODO Internet Security 6.0.264710.2708 Released!;msg657327#msg657327

Highlight the version number and press Ctrl + C (for copy) and Crtl +V (for paste). Right clicking will not work.

. What do you mean when will the version number be copy and pastable?
to show the firewall version you click more/about and the version number pops up. But you cannot copy and paste the version number and have to type it manually. The version number is often important in answering queries s would be convenient to copy and paste it

Thanks but i cannot highlight it either. see screenshot of what i am talking about

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Thanks for this information dbrisendine, right click works for pasting. :wink:

Hi david banner, It is not so distinctive highlighted, it highlights red here. 6.0.264710.2708 Edit: Sorry (My bad) I just realised you are using V5.12, AFAIK this could not be done with versions prior to V6.

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Hi captainsticks. ok thanks well it be be updated in Feb automatically. Oh its Feb today :-TU

V6 has updated itself to a newer V6, but coming from V5X I am not sure when/if seeing it has not already done so.
I personally recommend a fresh install with a major version upgrade.