Default Configurations on the firewall

By default, the Firewall installs with “Do not show pop up alerts” “Allow Requests”

Does this increase security and allow inbound and outbound connections? I don’r really understand what it means by “Allow Requests”

I would advise disabling that.

What allow all requests means is that any applications on your computer will automatically be able to transmit data. This means you would not even receive the option to block it.

Why is it enabled by default then? Wouldn’t it reduce computer security? Will setting it to “Block Requests” be any better?

So that novice computer users don’t face any alerts.

Yes, but that also means that you won’t get the chance to allow an unknown application internet access even if you know it’s safe. I’d recommend disabling it and dealing with any popups yourself. There won’t be too many anyway.

By the way, for my advice about how to configure CIS please read my article about How to Install Comodo Firewall. Please let me know if you have any questions.