Default computer security policy with D+ and Java?

I went ahead and upgraded to the latest version of java. I might have made a few mistakes. Firstly. I am using default settings for firewall/D+. When I started to install the new java version. I switched to install mode and carried on. I got a pop up from D+ about running the exe. And since it was installing. I picked treat it as a installer. Problem is a few more popped up during install. Total of about 4-5. So, it was not to bad. I do not think, I selected the right settings though. After the install. I went to computer security policy and purged any files no longer in use/needed. About 2 came up and I took care of those. Here is how my settings look with D+ under computer security policy. Are they correct for java?

p.s. In the future when pop ups do occur. Is it best to just let D+ choose the defaults and and just click ok in the box selection?

In my opinion,it is Java,but the setting is not complete,maybe you should go into the costom policy to make it right.

That is the thing. If the settings are not right. I do not know what to put them at.

Hey KoRn,

The only thing missing is the one for jucheck but you will get that pop up when the java updater runs.
Or you can go into windows control panel and open the Java control panel and from there check for updates.
This will generate the pop ups to make the rule for the java updater.
One entry you have that I don’t have is jqs but that is because i have disabled java quick start.
No biggie just personal preference because i check manually for updates and one less thing running on my start up.


How did ya make out with the registry entry for that removed app?


A good thing about Sun (the makers of Java) is that they sign their files, at least the ones in Java if I remember right. You might want to define Sun as trusted vendor and should then find less popups.

I went ahead and just left the registry issue alone. A reformat is in the near future.


Thanks for the tip. I went ahead and added Sun as a trusted vendor.

If you choose “allow” but not “remember” it won’t be a rule yet, just will execute while installing, so later you will get pop-ups when it really runs & you can decide then (or later). At least at that point you’ll know "this is the app or a component & not an installertrying to run once.