Default browser?

CPF & CAV apparently use IE as their default browser (or is that my configuration?). How can I alter this so that when using the Launcher it will automatically bring up Firefox which is my prefered browser? If this has already been dealt with elsewhere in the forum I apologise for being so boring.
Best regards to all at Comodo.

I don’t think you can at the moment & in any event, CPF (not sure about CAVS) uses IE for the GUI (ie. it’s built in). But… now the good news… COMODO are working on removing IE from CPF (and probably CAVS) right now.

Say bye bye to IE from CPF :slight_smile:

version out imminently (like next few days) has no IE in it and has around 16meg mem usage :wink:


Thank you Kail & Melih, look forward to the update.

First time post been using cpf for a few days and testing it. As IE is the o/s most prone to attack being so widely spread makes better sense to be able to use browseer of my choice v Firefox.
Think that is a good move Thank you for what appears to be a fantastic application now spreading the word Thank you comodo

The beta of this ( has been released, with many other improvements and features. The stable version is due next week.