Default Browser Settings of CIS


It is not possible to watch the video with Opera 11.50 or IE8 with the default FW-settings “Web Browser”. It says “Video not found bla bla bla…” If I set the Browser as a “Trusted app” to be able to watch it works fine. So can anyone tell me what makes the URL and its video not worthy being played with the default “Web Browser” settings of CIS’s FW? ??? 88)

They are using a non standard port.

If you add port 182 to your predefined HTTP ports list the video plays. With the Browser default rule.

A manual rule would be Allow TCP Out Port 182


Sorry, no problem with Opera 11.5

This is the answer I just wanted to know because I am not familiar with those standards - I just confused me why the heck it wouldn’t work with default browser settings of CIS-FW. Thank you. :wink:

Set Firewall Security Level to “Custom Policy” and Opera in “Network Security Policy” as a “Web-Browser” delete Port 182 from “Port Sets” and you will get the problem. :stuck_out_tongue: