Default browser Iron won't show in widget

Windows 10 64
CIS + HitmanProAlert

When I bought this Lenovo notebook some days ago I initially installed Comodo firewall,then Antivirus and -as I wanted a shortcut to trigger the browser in one go sandboxed-noticed that in the widget my currently default browser, SRware Iron ,in spite of being default wasnt showing at all.
So I installed again CIS ,this time complete, hoping it might correct the situation, but it did not.

Is there anything I can do to see Iron alonside IE and Dragon?

At the moment I have to right click a desktop icon of Iron and click again to get it sandboxed.

Or, I can use another icon for Iron virtualised,but most of the times this is not what I want.

Can anybody please help?

I found this thread about the raised subject:

practically,what moderators suggest is what I had already done in the beginning,that is, making a Virtual shortcut in desktop for the widget missing browser…

As a long time user of all Comodo products I’m a bit ashamed that in such a simple matter like a widget
detecting existing: installed, or even DEFAULT browsers , there’s such a amateurish or careless attitude!

Usually I demand security software perform without any slightest glitch, I really hope someone at Comodo gives a glance to this matter, which is not enough for me to say bye to CIS, but could be for someone else who installs for the first time…programmers should think about this.