Default behavior on unanswered pop-ups & undo block/permission

Often I turn on the computer and walk away; when I return there is a pop-up for block/allow etc and from experience they often come in batches, I assume I have missed several while I was not watching. Question 1) When the pop up disappears on its own (time up, it vanishes) what is the default treatment for the file that generated the pop-up: was it allowed one-time, blocked one-time or what?? Question 2) If I accidentally allow/block a file is there a way to “do-over” and change a block always to allow, or change an “always treat” to “ask each time” etc?? Thanks for an excellent product!!

  1. Default behavior is to block; allow is the exception. 2) You can go to network security policy or computer security policy, depending on whether it was a firewall or D+ block, find the entry and change or delete it. Ask each time generally doesn’t work. If you don’t say remember, it still remembers for the length of a session.