Def+ crashing my machine

this is the xml file from this session (in safe mode)


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Thank you for the xml file. That brought a much easier read.

The problem is that the Comodo Internet Security Helper Service, cmdagent.exe, is not running. If you have ever had other security programs other then Norton in the distant past please run removal tools for them as well just to be on th safe side.

Please try a reinstallation to see if that fixed the problem for you. Before doing so you may want to export your active configuration from Manage My Configurations to a folder of choice that is not part of the CIS installation. After installation you can import your configuration again.

You mentioned you updated your ATI drivers. Please try upgrading to the latest Catalyst 12.8 to see if that makes a difference or not.

Thanks again Eric.

I currently run Microsoft Security Essentials as well as CIS. Apart from those, have only ever run Nortons.

I’m finishing my tax return Thursday/Friday this week using the etax software (I’m just waiting for some financial information). Over the weekend, I’ll remove the etax program, update my ATI drivers and reinstall CIS.

Will let you know how it goes.

many thanks

Keep us posted.

Hi Eric,

I have updated to catalyst 12.8. The first couple of boots after that update were fine. I’d decided to uninstall CFW + MSE and start using only CIS, so I continued with that. I’ve also removed etax.

Upon initial re-boot after installing CIS, it partially limited HydraDM.exe through the sandbox - I assume at that point I should have ticked that the program is safe. I’ll do that on the next boot - I’m just updating my CIS virus database.

I’ll tentatively say that the issue has been fixed. Many thanks to you and Ronny :slight_smile:

Keep us posted along the way.

Hi Eric,

My computer is hanging on loading about 30% of the time. I’m not getting the CIS error message - it appeared once and then it partially sandboxed HydraDM.exe - it’s the same problem though of just not allowing any key strokes etc. I have rebooted in safe mode now and have created a diagnostics report - have attached.

I was hoping you had some ideas for a fix?

many thanks,

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The diagnostics report looks fine to me.

When your system is hanging how long does it hang? Or is it hanging and only a reboot will safe you?

To see what is causing delays you can try Soluto.

Thanks Eric.

When it’s hanging, it doesn’t resolve itself. It’s been hanging 5-10minutes after booting and I have to kill it and reboot, generally in safe mode to disable D+ to load again.

I’ve installed Soluto and just working with it now. I’ve removed HydraDM.exe from boot, and enabled D+ again.

Will just settle in these new changes over coming days and see how it goes. Will let you know.

many thanks

I had the same problem, with the system locking up. However, I did not have to ctrl-alt-del and reboot. I ctrl-alt-del and then hit log off, and waited for it to close the Defense+ window, then I cancelled the log-off and then my system was fine. You should be able to add it to trusted that way. Easier anyways.