Decrypting contents of .civ file


I am trying out i-Vault now. I like the functionality A LOT. I am a little scared by the forum posts where people's master password gets hosed, their vault gets corrupted, or are otherwise unable to retrieve things from i-Vault. I'd feel much more confident if I could look at the .civ file, see where a given piece of data lives, and decrypt it using my key and another AES decryptor besides i-Vault. Then as long as I made sure to frequently back up the .civ, I would be able to recover its contents, with or without i-Vault.

How are the encrypted contents stored in the .civ file? If I retain a backup .civ file, what other programs besides comodo's i-Vault can I use to decrypt the contents of my .civ? I tried using my master password on some of the strings like this, using an AES decrptor:
QGvAoWBNxAE= shujh9afJsJssqKs6vt+BEeYI1QBCWe1EWHmLep2H7c8JjO2Y9dqFijByecQDOqxuTXOBVvb8xeqDrrZfh5zmeQq3YKMw3fAo9s= weblink 1 272 jd6oq/cNxE8SdsL3EieCFBPi7pCZkaMD/ssglzLStsnz234lfCIXMMNaa3TEkkUV6L8H8vPPYDTLpNhrBPTjGmqlSudMZq5jXft82u0sZpohd14L4Akd3B4RQ3K8K6XaTpp9DgNjKlKhsF8hTU7x7B/d/O9CTUVFzPsiew0iOwAbxA7kodveaHsBZjScj2RDpzwiIgnkG+5keVHZ2PF29JGUiE92Kt4pO7gaEye/eITDKsGvtCrOj8elWaMa8Jkdn0gmIV5HIQDhQhi8jDT3i9I3ZVGyLc+XO+dl5SraKpxlEavjMmrM4vajqVyb+wSKwDzPQEEimJX8JTPp9JD+iADN2RNqU5lWeNJiA08nYsC9///hs=
If you are open about how the encryption works, this would instill confidence. If you don't reveal how the encryption works, we'd all be at a loss if Comodo over folded, etc. There should be no security flaw in revealing how the encryption works, as long as the technology is sound. As long as I know I need to "concatenate tt, nd, and data together, then MIME decode and decrypt using AES with a null padded password, padded out to 16 bytes", and could do this outside i-Vault, I would feel comfortable committing to i-Vault (and off-site backup of my .civ file nightly).  

Thanks in advance,


P.S. I also tried to use the “create plain text version” functionality and could not - this might help me if I could get a plain text version of my vault and print that out and put it in a safe, as a last resort back-up. When I tried to convert to plain text, i-Vault made a .txt file with nothing in it.