Declaring a network as Trusted Zone is NOT enough! (svchost is still blocked)

Good afternoon.

I’ve faced a problem. I’ve tried to give internet to my little brother with his notebook via WiFi(see attachment). I’ve added WiFi net in trusted zone via wizard. And new rules appeared in General and App rules. Brother was not able to connect via Skype, and he couldn’t open we-sites. My logs were saying that: “Windows Operating System blocked OUT with IP from WiFi network”. I checked App Rules and saw that two rules(for IP in and IP out) were to System process only. (For sure such rules were and in Global rules too). I’ve added the same two rules for All Applications. And Skype connected after it. But still web-sites were not accessible. Log was saying: “svchost.exe blocked out with IP from WiFi network”. After I added same two rules to svchost.exe process - everything started working for my bro.

Therefore have 2 questions:

  1. Why after completing “Add trusted zone” wizard I still can’t work properly and have only System process with necessary rules for thos trusted zone?

  2. Why after allowing some features to All Processes, svchost still can’t use this features?

Thank you in advance!

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Just to be sure that you have not forgot this topic… I hope somebody will answer it sometime… 88)

  1. Firewall - Advanced - Firewall Behavior Settings
    Tab Alert Settings
    Is there checked “This computer is an internet connection gateway” ?

Yes, it was checked from the very start, since I installed CPF. I’m 100% sure.