Dear Moderators: Questions & Would It Be Ok If............

Would it be OK I post a I post a software voting post?

Which software?

COMODO System Cleaner & System Mechanic (Standard/Premium/Professional).

I’m not trying to offensive w/ it. I do like COMODO System Cleaner & System Mechanic. I just want to see what people think which one is better.

OK, go ahead.

Just for my understanding, I’m not allowed to post links to Keygens & Software Activators?

If there is any software which could be construed as illegal, or is in any way questionable you should not post about it. Please read the forum policy. Specifically pay close attention to 8.5 and, because it was already mentioned in one of your previous posts, part 8.9.

However, it is perfectly fine to create posts about competitors products. In fact there is an entire board dedicated exactly to that. Other Security Products